The Concept

Espresso has its origins in Italy.Who else would be in a better position to serve espresso and its variants (cappuccino, cafe latte, etc) than one of Italy's biggest coffee brands.

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso (SZE) is a franchise cafe bar concept from Segafredo Zanetti. This means that all beverages served in this cafe bar follow strictly the way & methods done in Italy. Essentially, when you drop by an SZE cafe bar, you will be drinking coffee the way Italians do.

In the Italian lifestyle, coffee & aperitivo/disgestivo goes hand in hand. Hence, there is rarely a coffee shop that does not offer alcohol. It is pretty much the same with the SZE cafe bar. Drop by before dinner for a Campari Soda or beer, and perhaps just for some 'after work' glass of wine. 

The essence of SZE is Italian lifestyle reflected in Italy's coffee bars.

What's so Special?

• Boutique Setup

We number 550 shops worldwide and 55 shops in Asia. With this kind of numbers, we can afford to offer a unique experience coupled with top notch quality within each of our premises.

• A Place for All Hours

Whether you are looking for a wake-me-up shot of espresso in the morning, something to fill for lunch or a glass of wine or beer before putting the day to rest, we have it for you.

• Hey! We're Italian!
You are getting what you will get in Italy. Not something that has been adapted to suit another country. Need we say more?




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