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Singapore Nokia N900 Mobile Phone Launch

Nokia Singapore and their PR agency chose our trendy Italian café bar for their launch to a group of about 30 bloggers. The focus that evening was of course on the phone itself but the bloggers were treated to authentic Italian beverages and food.

Coffee Seminar

Organised in conjunction with People's Association, this is a series of 2 seminars aimed at bringing more awareness to authentic Italian coffee. Singapore has been exposed for the longest time to 'Italian inspired' coffee from American chains. This seminar shares the essence of true Italian coffee, starting with the espresso, and brings you on to a re-discovery of other true Italian drinks like the familiar cappuccino. A total of more than 50 people got to hear and taste this difference.

An analogy we like to use is the pizza. Singapore's first exposure to this years ago is via the all too familiar Pizza Hut. Compare this version of the pizza with those served in Italian restaurants years later and one could clearly see the difference between the thin-crust-minimalistic-toppings and the thick-crust-abundant-toppings of the American variety.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Wine1 Wine2 Wine3

What is a café bar without quality wine and accompanying antipasti. Sadly, Italian wine is one of the most underated in Singapore despite being the world's largest producer in many years. During this appreciation session, one gets to taste up to 12 varieties of Italian wines with matching Italian cuisine like prosciutto hame, risotto & cheeses (parmigiano regianno, provolone & gorgonzola). In addition, we had a Italian speaker to talk about the wines being tasted. Yes, quality Italian wines can be had for a very reasonable price.




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