What is Gelato?

Most of you will simply know it as the Italian version of ice-cream. The key difference is Gelato is made using milk as a base while ice-cream is made, well, using cream. This means Gelato will have a lower fat content compared to ice-cream. United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) mandates that ice-cream needs to contain minimum 10% fat. On the other hand, Gelato typically has 5-8% fat content.

Why is our Gelato special?


This is because our Italian trained Gelato chefs make it fresh within the store every few days. Premium ingredients from Italy and France are used. For example, our pistachio gelato is made using pistachio from the Bronte region in Sicily-Italy, widely known as producing the finest pistachio in the world. Hazelnut from Piedmont combined with premium French chocolate gives you that unbeatable taste of our Gianduia.




These will change over time but our current selections are:

• Pistachio

• Gianduja (pronounced Jaan-du-ya, the opposite of Nutella where there is more                   hazelnut than chocolate)

• Straciatella (pronounced Stra-chia-tella)

• Dark Chocolate Orange

• Rum & Raisins

• Natural Yogurt (made frin fresh yogurt)

• Strawberry Yogurt

• Matcha or Green Tea


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