Did you know that Italy is the world's largest wine producing country for most years? Second only to France on some years. Yet, they are generally less heard off compared to French or some of the new world wines.

It may be because of the native grape varieties used in the wine which is mostly unheard of outside Italy. Sangiovese vs Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which would you choose? Majority will go for the latter as the safe choice. Typical unfamiliarity breeds apprehension mentality mind you.

And it may be the difficult to pronounce Italian names (no less difficult than French though!). If you can pronounce Cabernet Sauvignon as "cab er nay soh vee n'yon", you can learn to pronounce Sangiovese as "san joe vae sae".

Nonetheless, we need to overcome this apprehension or we will be missing out on some of the greatest wines in the world!

We offer 6 varities of wine by the glass with very reasonable prices. When in doubt on what to order, ask our friendly barista for a recommendation. And oh yes, barista is an Italian word that actually means bartender. Hence, they are not limited to only making coffee as what the other major coffee chains will have you believe.




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